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Interview with a Crohn's Patient

Today I had a chance to sit down with an amazing person, who as it happens has more experience with CBD and establishing a daily routine then most in the hemp industry. Kelsey Liedman is a 30-year-old transplant from NJ, who moved to Colorado 5 years ago. After not being able to treat her Crohn’s disease effectively & legally on the East Coast, she packed her car and made the transition into the legal cannabis world. Now Kelsey works at NuLeaf Naturals, and is a valued member of the hemp community.

Tell Us a little about where you are from. How long have you lived in CO? What do you do out here?

I am originally from New Jersey but have been living in Colorado for the last five and a half years.  My boyfriend and I came from New Jersey together to become part of the Cannabis industry and use the natural medicine freely that I knew helped with my Crohn's symptoms. 

Was it because of the lack of cannabis products in NJ that made you move to CO?

Yes, I knew here in Colorado, it was legal to use a variety of products that would make me feel better with my daily pain.  Although smoking cannabis helped with my symptoms back in New Jersey, it was always a constant thought in my mind that I could get in trouble for using this type of medicine.

As a Crohn’s patient what has been your greatest struggle with daily life, and what have you done to overcome it?

Throughout the journey with Crohn's, my biggest daily struggle would be the inconsistency of my body and how I will feel each morning.  This has a lot to do with my diet and stress.  One day can be normal and then I can have five bad days.  Using CBD and THC on a daily basis along with a gluten, sugar, yeast, and dairy free diet keeps me feeling like a "normal" person :)

What types of products have you tried that you feel work best for you? Do you have a routine?

I use a variety of cannabis products on a constant basis.  I use the Direwolf tincture, NuLeaf tincture, and a cannabis vape pen.  The tinctures, especially Direwolf helps with my daily stomach pains, nausea, and helping to increase my appetite.  I could tell it's helping with the inflammation in my body.

What are the biggest issues that you run into while buying these products?

I don't normally run into any issues purchasing products however knowing accurate information about the company and product you are purchasing is super important.  Lab test results, ingredients, feedback from other customers, etc. are all necessary in my eyes to make an educated purchase.

What made you try DIREWOLF? Do you enjoy it?

I had friends using Direwolf and they always had great things to say.  I tried it and was not disappointed.  It's been great, so happy I found them!!

If you had any advice for other Crohn’s patients thinking about starting CBD what would it be? Do you recommend it?

I would say doing as much research as possible is best.  You always want to be comfortable with what you are putting into your body.  Knowing the ingredients, where the product is being sourced from, and having positive testimonies are great when starting any new health routine.

As a dedicated worker in the Hemp Industry, and also a daily user, what is the direction that you would like hemp to go?

I would love for hemp to be something in every home.  No matter what you have going on, what ailments you are dealing with, CBD can be beneficial.  I would want the average person to know what hemp is and all the positive effects it can have on and in your body.  I want only organic, sustainable products on the market.  Having clean, healthy products is so important.

If you could have CBD anything, what would it be?

I would love to see CBD infused salt, olive oil, or honey.  That would be awesome!  These are ingredients that I use every day in my cooking and meals.  Adding some CBD to everything I eat would be amazing.  Continued pain relief and helping with inflammation would be very cool!