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At Direwolf Holistic, we offer White Label CBD Distribution! 


We work with the best of the best, to help bring your brand to life. We'll handle everything including labels, packaging, photos, and video to make sure you're retail-ready. 

White Label Marketing 

So what does our process look like?

We'll start with a free consultation, and work with you to find what you're looking for in our white label process. Next is conception, where our team works on finding your brand and identity. 

Then we're on to design, where we start working on the packaging and labeling of your CBD product. From there with your approval, we'll handle the manufacturing and began creating your product. 


At the realization stage, your final white-labeled CBD product is on its way and ready to sell! 

At Direwolf, we do all the heavy lifting for you. Handling everything from graphic design and labeling to promotional photos and one video. 

How does it work? 

At Direwolf, our team will work with you to make sure you're getting the best wholesale price for the highest-quality CBD and Hemp products.


So how does it work? We request half of your payment to start, and then our team will work with you on a payment plan you're satisfied with for the future.


You can also ask us about signing up for our wholesale distribution club, offering discounts to members who are interested in monthly wholesale subscriptions of all our high-quality CBD and Hemp Products. 


Have questions? Contact us directly at support@direwolfholistic.com and join the pack!   

Fast and Discrete

Shipping for all Direwolf Products is fast and discrete. 

For White Label Distribution, we offer non-label boxes to preserve your brand.


We take pride in all our CBD and Hemp Products, and if you're unsatisfied we offer 30-day returns on all unopened merchandise.


Products usually ship within 48 hours. Please allow 2-5 business days for delivery via USPS Priority Mail & FEDEX.

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